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Validating identity comcast

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My ISP is Comcast/Xfinity, and they offer the Norton Security Suite at no charge.This causes Gmail to display the email as being “sent by via”.To prevent this message from being displayed you must add the DNS records described to any domain that you are using as an “email from address”.While the mobile plans for customers will operate over Verizon's 4G network, users will also be served by Comcast's network of 16 million nationwide Wi Fi hotspots to place calls, send text messages, and use the internet and apps."We're doing mobile differently by bringing our customers the best networks and a product designed to save them money in an increasingly data-driven world," Greg Butz, president of Comcast Mobile, said in a statement."Mobility is more important than ever to consumers, so we've designed Xfinity Mobile the way mobile should be—a simple solution for internet and entertainment in and out of the home."Xfinity internet customers will be signed into their other Xfinity apps when using the Xfinity Mobile services, according to the company, making their user experience seamless.Customers who don't want the unlimited data option would pay $12 per GB of data they use each month, with no per-line access fees.

Existing Xfinity internet customers who sign up for the new service will receive up to five phone lines with unlimited talk and text per account, while purchasing shared data each month at $12 per GB.

Comcast did not respond to several email inquiries from seeking additional comments about the new services.

Several IT analysts had varying opinions about the Xfinity Mobile offering."The value of this service to Comcast for now looks to be its stickiness; that is, an incentive for current customers to stay with Comcast for their video and internet rather than migrate to new competitors in that space such as AT&T or, if you're talking about over the top video, T-Mobile,"Bill Menezes, a mobile analyst with Gartner, told .

Of more concern to the user, should we feel alarmed that these features don't work with Edge?

Do the aforementioned features offer real protection, or are they little more than bells and whistles?

Customers will also be able to switch back and forth between unlimited service and buying extra data as needed each month to control their costs, according to Comcast.